(Русский) Вдохновляющий на свершения

Loosening is easier than digging

We offer you to order “Tornado” cultivator and address the challenge of soil treatment once and for all by means of this convenient modern tool.

  • Patented design
  • Simplifies soil treatment 3 times!!
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Преимущества инструмента "Торнадо"



The main feature of “Tornado” tool is its uniqueness. The design of the tool allows for evenly distributed load on the arms, back, shoulders and legs in the course of its use.



Each unit of “Tornado” tool is manually manufactured with the use of high-strength metal ensuring high quality and reliability.


Non-mouldboard cultivation

A key principle of “Tornado” tool handling is non-mouldboard cultivation which enables not to disarrange the soil structure.


Good mood

Work in your garden plot with the use of “Tornado” tool will afford a real pleasure and good mood to you.